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School Safety Division

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School Safety Division


Crime is at a historic low in New York City. NYPD is recognized by industry experts as the nation's leader in crime reduction. Build your career with us and learn law enforcement from the best in the industry. Every man and woman assigned to the School Safety Division takes an oath to provide security and ensure the safety of students, as well as faculty and visitors in New York City Public Schools.
During the hiring process, you will provide information and undergo extensive examinations as part of the applicant process. Some of the exams include medical, psychological, physical and character exams. Some of these exams are detailed and lengthy. Please be prepared to spend the day. Applicants must pass each exam to be considered for employment.
Upon successful completion of these exams, you will enter the New York City Police Academy, School Safety Agent Recruit Training School for a period of fourteen (14) weeks. While assigned to the academy, you will receive the absolute best training available to you. Your training will include classes in Law, Police Science, Behavioral Science, as well as Physical Training. You will receive the required training to be deputized as New York City Special Patrolman. You will learn how to interact with students, staff and the public utilizing Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect. Upon graduation from the Police Academy, you will be assigned to an Elementary, Junior High, Intermediate or High School within the five boroughs of New York City.

School Safety Recruitment: (718) 730-8614 or (718) 730-8615

Employment Requirements:

  • Candidates must be at least 21 years of age at time of appointment.
  • Candidates must have a High School Diploma or GED.
  • Candidates must be a United States Citizen.
  • Candidates must reside in one of the five boroughs of New York City.
  • Candidates must pass a drug screening.
  • Candidates must pass a character and background investigation.
  • Candidates must meet certain medical and psychological requirements.
  • Candidates must be eligible to obtain NYC Special Patrolman status upon appointment and become certified as a NYC Special Patrolman within three (3) months of appointment. Special Patrolman certification must be maintained for the duration of employment in this title.
  • Candidates must pay a $75.00 fee for fingerprinting as part of the investigation process.


  • Starting Salary: $31,259
  • After one year: $32,112
  • After two years: $35,323
  • Uniform allowance of $668 annually
  • Longevity increase of $536
  • Supervisor of School Security earns $27.80 per hour and $57,813 per year
  • Differential increase for special assignments.
  • Longevity increase of $500 annually after 15 years of service.
  • A choice of paid medical and dental plans
  • Paid vacation and sick leave
  • Paid night shift differential
  • Retirement after twenty-five (25) years of service
  • Overtime opportunities
  • Promotional opportunities

Retirement Benefits:

There are several types of pension plans including a plan which may allow for retirement after 25 years of service as a School Safety Agent at 1/2 pay.

  • 457- This plan is also known as Deferred Compensation. The percentage deducted from the member's wages is determined by the member and may range anywhere from one (1) % to twenty-five (25) %. Loan option is  available with this pension plan. Early withdrawal penalties do apply.
  • 401K - Similar in structure to the "457" plan. A loan option is available with this pension plan

Veteran Benefits:
The Department of Veterans Affairs has qualified the New York State Department of Labor's Apprenticeship program as eligible for educational benefits as described under the GI Bill.  This benefit is relative to the School Safety Agent who was employed after September 2001 and met the following criteria that may qualify member for a monthly monetary benefit administered directly by the Department of Veteran's Affairs:

  • A veteran of the United States Armed Services and received an honorable or general discharge within the last ten years or;
  • An active member of the reserves or National Guard
  • A spouse or dependent of a disabled veteran.

Promotional Opportunities:

There are various promotional opportunities within the New York City Police Department Division of School Safety.

  • Assignment to School Metal Detection Program
  • Assignment to Mobile Task Force
  • Assignment as Group Leader
  • Promotion to Supervisor of School Security
  • Promotion to Associate Supervisor of School Security
  • Promotion to Administrative School Security Manager


Assigned to the Police Academy for a period of fourteen (14) weeks. Training topics will include Law, Police Science, Behavioral Science and physical training

  • Start receiving pay and benefits from your first day of Recruit training
  • Receive up to six (6) college credits for your Police Academy training (restrictions apply depending on the college

Apprenticeship Program:

The New York City Police Department School Safety Division is a registered participant of the Apprenticeship Training Program with the New York State Department of Labor.  In order to qualify for apprenticeship a School Safety Agent must complete the training academy as well as on the job training. If both these qualifications are met, then upon completion of two years of service, the agent will receive a Certificate of Apprenticeship from the New York Department of Labor. For further information you may contact the School Safety Division at (718) 730-8888.


  • Do I have to be a citizen? Is there an age limit to be appointed? Candidates must be a United States Citizen to be appointed. Candidates must be 21 years of age to be appointed. There is no maximum age requirement.

  • How long is the training to become a School Safety Agent? The paid training consists of assignment to the Police Academy Recruit Training School for a period of fourteen (14) weeks.

  • Does this position have union benefits? Yes. School Safety Agents are covered under The Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 237. Coverage begins after 90 days of employment.


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