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Greeting Executive Chairman

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Welcome Message

Dear friends and colleagues,

For every organization, change is inevitable in order for it to adapt with the complexities of the times and for it to grow strong. So it holds true for Asian American Council. Our Council is now revitalized and now known as Asian American Congress. During its inception in 1984, we are known as Asian American Advisory Council as its primary role then was to be an advisory body to NY Police Department. In 2000, we adapted to the changes and became Asian American Council since our role was expanded - not only in an advisory role but more in tune with the growing political and civil issues confronting the society. Thus, we became not geographically limited but became “global” in scope as we joined alliances with other international groups and we have chapters even in Central America. As our role is gradually expanding, we decided to adapt once again and to change for the better and, as of August 2016, we are to be known henceforth as the Asian American Congress.

Although we look forward to the future, we are cognizant of our colorful past such that we cannot move forward without the structure and accomplishments we did in the past. We are continuing to be the advocate of the people especially the voice of Asian American communities. We continue to forge ties and alliances with foreign cities and foster international understanding. We believe in peaceful co-existence, amity and friendship. We believe in the rule of law, civic-mindedness, loyalty to our country and proud of our ethnic heritage. We teach people to be more politically aware, cognizant of their right to self-determination and resolve in making their opinions count. We are, after all, the amalgam of our heritage and American dream.
As we are celebrating the 32nd year anniversary of Asian American Congress (formerly Asian American Council), we look forward to doing more good for the community. We will adapt if we need to adapt to modern times but we will not forget our basic aims and principles. We will not forget that we are here to champion the cause of Asian Americans. We are Asian American Congress after all.

Michael S. Limb

Executive Chairman




The Asian American Council

Michael S. Limb

Executive Chairman


Together we can become more

Innovative, Adaptive and Creative

In solving today’s problems


Reception committee Co-Chairmen

01) Tomiko Abe                    Co-Chairman of the Tokyo Chapter of the AAC

02) Dr. Louis Fujimoto         Chairman of the Japanese Affairs Committee

03) James Fan                       Director of the Chinese Affairs Committee

04) David Ignacio, Esq.        Chairman of the Filipino Affairs Committee

05) Richie Ian                        Chairman of the   Caribbean Affairs Committee

06) Mohummad Iqubal       Chairman of the International Affairs Committee

07) Lisa Su Li                         Chairman of the Inter Governmental Affairs Committee

08) Young Chul Lee             Co-Chairman of the Korean Affairs Queens Committee

09) Qsim Majeed                 Chairman of the Event Committee

10) Pea Young Ho                Co-Chairman of the Korean Business Affairs Committee

11) Jae Hack Sin                   Co-Chairman of the Korean Business Affairs  Committee

12) James Sheng                  Director of the Chinese Business Affairs Committee

13) Gun  Soo Youn               Chairman of the Korean Affairs Committee

14) Wu, Kuan He                  Chairman of the Chinese Business Affairs Queens Committee

15) Oshell Oh                       Communication Director of the International  Affairs Committee             


The Asian American Council

Request the Honor of Your Presence


The Twenty Ninth Annual Inaugural Ceremonies


Anniversary Dinner Reception


Thursday, Oct. 24th, 2013


Good Fortune Restaurant (Former East Manor) Banquet Hall

46-45 Kissena Boulevard, Flushing, New York 11355

Tel 1-718-326-8988

Business Attire

Cocktail Reception                                           at 6:00 P.M.

Official Anniversary Ceremony                 at 7:00 P.M.

Dinner Reception                                             at 8:00 P.M.

R. S.V.P.

Michael S. Limb

Executive Chairman

The Asian American Council

Tel: 718-820-0300 Cell: 917-279-7410 Fax 718-820-0700

E-mail:   limb300@hotmail.



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The Asian American Council
Michael S. Limb Executive Chairman
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